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libCOWL is a simple C++ library wich was developed to provide a simple and fast alternative for web scripting languages
Compared to those script languages it has many advantages

  • faster execution
    Pages using libCOWL are real programs that don't need an interpreter in the background
  • less memory use No memory-intensive interpreter runs in the background.
  • setUID and setGID On Unix-based systems, libCOWL-programs can be run as a different user to enhance the security.
  • class hierarchy Compared to PHP, libCOWL is based on a class library. this makes function calls clearer
  • builtin template support libCOWL has got a built in Template class to provide theme support.
    All output can easily be redirected to specific places in your template.
  • ALL applications are possible libCOWL is a C++ library, which means you can import any other c-libraries to extend your libCOWL-programs.

libCOWL is hosted on SourceForge


libCOWL can be downloaded directly from this page: download.php
Alternatively you can get the source via subversion using the command: svn checkout http://cowl.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cowl


libCOWL is documented with Doxygen. A current version of the documentation can be found here.


To give feedback, write your opinion, post feature requests, ..., write a mail to

libcowl at this domain

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