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  • libCOWL - C++ based Object oriented Web developing Library
    libCOWL is a C++ library that makes CGI scripting easy. Many useful classes and functions (e.g. for Database access, CGI variable access, ...) are provided.
    The main target for libCOWL is to combine the comfort of writing web pages in PHP with the execution speed of C.
  • autochroot - automatic chroot wrapper
    autochroot is an automatic script that looks for linux installations and offers you a simple interface to choose one of them (or provide one yourself).
    Additionally it mounts necessary file systems, copies the resolv.conf and prepares /etc/mtab.
  • nf_quota - traffic accounting within the Linux kernel
    nf_quota is an IP based traffic accounting kernel module.
    It counts the traffic for every local IP passing a specified interface.
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